The National Bloc: The electoral scene is a victory for the diaspora at the same time a failure for an impotent government

The Lebanese National Bloc party released the following statement:

Voting from the diaspora for Lebanon’s elections is a victory in itself. It is the people's determination to restore the politics from the claws of the ruling regime and break the monopoly of corrupt sectarian parties responsible for the impoverishment and destruction of the country. Today's scene is evidence that the day of change we’ve been waiting for across generations has finally come.

However, this scene seems to interrupt the government's failure to preserve the Lebanese’s constitutional right to cast their votes in transparency and in an easy and accessible manner.

Based on our adherence to this constitutional right, we call on the Lebanese government to take the following steps:

  • Opening additional polling stations in the UAE, or at least placing extra isolators to maintain voters’ privacy once in the booth as well as to facilitate and speed up the voting process.
  • Banning partisan parades in front of polling stations, and preventing them from transforming these stations into partisan centers, similar to what happened in Berlin
  • Allowing all Lebanese registered abroad to cast their votes near their place of residence, after the irrational distribution of voters in polling stations, and finding an immediate solution as soon as possible.

The success of the democratic and transparent electoral process hinges on the ability of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants to address the flaws at the earliest opportunity.

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