The National Bloc Party announced the recommendations of its annual educational conference: Feghali: Schools’ closure or dropouts will either lead youth to prisons or to immigrate from Lebanon

The Lebanese National Bloc party released the following statement:

The "Lebanese National Bloc" party announced the recommendations of its annual educational conference, which was held on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at Saint Joseph University under the title "Our top priority is human and education is the only weapon."

The head of the Federation of Parents' Associations in Private Schools and the coordinator of the educational sector in the "National Bloc" Raymond Feghali, read out the recommendations of the conference on Friday afternoon at the bloc's headquarters in Gemmayzeh.

In his speech, Feghali warned that “The education system in Lebanon is at risk of collapse, with devastating consequences for children. The authorities’ egregious planning failures have aggravated the impact of the country’s financial situation and increased the likelihood that a huge number of children may miss out on education. This derelict situation is caused by the state’s surrender to the myriads of crises, along with a system that refuses to acknowledge its failure in managing the country and that still adheres to the concept of quotas, clientelism, political maliciousness and personal ambitions.

Amid this chaos, the citizens find themselves whirling in a cycle that drains the rest of their money, that has already lost its purchasing value, while their only option is to surrender to the bitter reality that forced them to leave.

Feghali affirmed that "whoever wants to truly build a bright future for the homeland and the citizens does not get distracted by maliciousness and gossip, but rather works with all means available and extends his hand towards the country's partners so that they work together to restore what the policies of greed and corruption have destroyed in order to rebuild our state from scratch.”

He added “to avoid government inaction and delays, and given government corruption, the National Bloc Party is looking forward to channel more aids directly to schools, teachers, and school-children’s families to ensure that every child in the country will be able to attend school because the other options are not only bothersome but rather terrifying."

Feghali concluded “Education is the way to cut prison population. He who opens a school door closes a prison…Schools’ closure or dropouts will either lead youth to prisons or to immigrate from Lebanon, which will result in changing the Lebanese society’s fabric in the social and cultural aspects… Our deepest fear is that the ruling regime might have planned this!