The "National Bloc" launches its electoral campaign: the forces of change are united in a continuous battle against the mafia-militia alliance

The Lebanese National Bloc officially launched its electoral campaign for the 2022 parliamentary election on Saturday during a conference in which Secretary General Pierre Issa presented the party’s candidates in four districts namely Michel Helou in Baabda, Gistelle Semaan in Zgharta, Camille Mourani in Tripoli and Wajdi Tabet in Kesrouan.

In his speech, Issa affirmed that “all the forces of change have united to fight the alliance between the militias and mafias and to uncover the truth behind the massive explosion that destroyed Beirut on August 4, 2020”. He added “the revolutionary forces must remain united in its struggle against the ruling class,” stressing that “the decision is in our hands to make, and change is possible”.

During the conference, respective speeches were delivered by the candidates and by the director of the electoral campaign Tony Moukhaiber, the coordinator of the "Middle East Committee" Jane Iskandar, and secretary of "youth and student sector" Kinda Ghadieh.  Media figure Milad Hadchiti introduced the participants.

Read the full transcript in Arabic:

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