The National Bloc - Jbeil Held a Political Meeting: To Achieve the Bloc's Goals Locally and Nationally

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The Jbeil District Council of the National Bloc held a political meeting at its offices, hosted by its president, Khalil Al-Sayah.

The meeting was attended by Secretary General Michel Helou, General Assembly President Tarek Sakr, and Executive Committee member Lynn Harfoush, along with other members and supporters of the Bloc.

Helou informed the attendees about his recent tour in the United States, the topics he discussed with American officials and those in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and the impressions he gained from his meetings with the Lebanese communities there.

The attendees later exchanged ideas about developing a roadmap for the future and came up with a shared vision to achieve the Bloc's goals both locally and nationally.