The National Bloc: Hezbollah’s Secretary General speech is another indicator of state failure

The Lebanese National Bloc party issued the following statement:

Apart from what the bag bespeaks of the wearer, what really concerns the Lebanese is daring deeds.

Ironically, the Secretary General of "Hezbollah" Hassan Nasrallah endeavors to portray himself as most powerful man in the Lebanese Republic, as usual by reprimanding, categorizing, neglecting and threatening, but, contrary to the expectations of the entire Lebanese population and his supporters, he has no actual sustainable solution in sight at a time when people are struggling to make ends meet.

Instead, the party refuses to bear any responsibility for the derelict situation, including the disintegration of the state, economic collapse and social breakdown. Nasrallah also listed many other reasons for the crisis, which he described as external. None were in any way related to Hezbollah, although the group should carry responsibility for the monopoly practices in economy, corruption, and fuel crisis.

He announced frankly: "The axis of resistance shall not bear responsibility for the economic crisis eroding Lebanon," knowing that Hezbollah has become the strongest political actor in Lebanon, playing the role of power broker and agenda setter. Hezbollah also plays a significant role in choosing the Presidents of the Republic and in governments’ formations, besides shaping the country's foreign and domestic policies. In summary Hezbollah holds sway over the Lebanese state”.

The Secretary General of "Hezbollah" does not get enough of throwing accusations at the West, against those he describes as enemies, and at the East against those he calls conspirators, then he bluntly wonders why the world is not planning to rescue Lebanon.

After this emotional sentiment, Nasrallah reiterates his promises from the liberation of Jerusalem “we find ourselves closer than ever to Jerusalem and to, God willing, its liberation,” to his promises to import gasoline and diesel from Iran to Lebanon amid the ongoing oil shortage.

Commenting on the fuel crisis, Nasrallah claimed he did not know the reason behind the crisis, although the smuggling to Syria happens in Hezbollah strongholds. Didn’t "Hezbollah" and its allies hold the Ministry of Energy for decades? Doesn’t Hezbollah have de facto control over Lebanon’s border with Syria - which he was proud of defending?

The recent speech of the Hezbollah Secretary General failed to provide any viable solution to the crisis, instead Nasrallah's statement reflected the huge impotency and bankruptcy, which he failed to conceal in futile promises, useless victories, accusations and repudiation of responsibility.

It is evidence that no matter how great the political, military and regional influence of Hezbollah, it is incapable of being a substitute for the sovereign and just state, for the rule of law and institutions.

A state that regulates relations between all citizens on an equal footing. A state that defends its people, land, and borders, and adopts its foreign and economic policy according to the interests of its people and not according to factional and regional interests. A state that preserves the independence of the judiciary and fortifies it against political interference.

In this context, it must be noted that the decision of Tarek Bitar, the lead judicial investigator into the Beirut port blast, to summon a number of political and military officials is a positive indication that gave the families of the victims and Lebanese hope in the domestic judiciary after many people have totally given up on justice and accountability. This is the beginning of a long path to identify, expose and hold accountable those responsible for August 4 heinous crime.

On this occasion, Nasrallah, the leader of the most powerful political and military organization in Lebanon, also slammed the probe into the Beirut explosion, accusing it of being politicized because no judge was suspected. He also labeled it unprofessional because the suspects were informed of the charges against them by the media.

He also reiterated his demand for the release of a technical report that, according to him, discloses the causes of the explosion. It must be pointed out that, assuming that the report is accurate in its conclusions about the direct causes of the disastrous explosion, the investigation must mention how the cargo of ammonium nitrate had entered Beirut's port, had been offloaded into hangar 12, and remained in storage for seven years. Besides this it must determine the significant ammonium nitrate caches that have been dispatched to other countries.

Until all these facts are revealed, there is no ability to conclude a full and transparent investigation and start holding all those responsible for this crime accountable.

The Secretary General's recent speech is clear evidence that there is no alternative to nation building. Despite its strength, the sectarian sub-states have proven their abject failure in managing people's affairs and shall bear the responsibility of one of the worst crises in modern history. A genuine state is still feasible in Lebanon, provided the people dismantle the theory of sectarianism and toppled the entire system. 

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