The National Bloc: A new Israeli attack on southern Lebanon while the state is unable to exercise sovereignty over its entire territory

The Lebanese National Bloc party released the following statement:

The "National Bloc" condemns the Israeli attacks that targeted villages in the south and its repeated violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty.

Once again, southern Lebanon is turning into an arena to settle regional scores, without any considerations to the security and lives of southerners.

Once again, the Lebanese sovereignty has been violated twice; once by the Israeli enemy bombardments to the border villages with dozens of missiles without accountability or oversight, and another by "unidentified" missiles launched from the south in a flagrant defiance of the state's sovereignty over its borders and its decision.

The repeated incidents in the south are further evidence that there is no alternative to a strong state that enjoys the power to protect the borders and people from Israeli aggressions and has the guts to prevent irrational regional adventures, which often come at the expense of Lebanon's security, stability and people.

There is no alternative to a strong state that negotiates without compromises to demarcate the maritime and land borders with Israel. A power state that does not use its land and sea at the regional bargaining table and for personal interests.

There is no alternative to a government that puts the interests of the Lebanese as a basis for its foreign and defense policy, so that it would not be taken hostage by factional weapons or regional stakes.

Protecting the south can be achieved first by returning it to the bosom of the state, and rapidly exit the logic of the Cairo Agreement, which was signed in 1969, as it practically placed southern Lebanon outside of the control of the state.

Finally, the Lebanese have the right to question the self-proclaimed supreme commander of the country and the people in southern Lebanon about the unknown missiles and the repeated Israeli aggressions that remain unanswered.

The Lebanese people has the right to participate in shaping their country’ foreign and defense policy that preserves the common interests, through their legitimate representatives within the constitutional institutions so they hold them accountable for their erroneous policies over the years; We shall not accept anymore the notorious theory that was told one day in August 2006: “If only I had known…”

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