The corrupt and those who turned a blind eye are responsible for the $83 billion loss

The Lebanese National Bloc Party blamed the bankruptcy of the state on “the corrupt aggressors on public funds, and those who turned a blind eye and who only objected to avoid blame.” In this regard, the Bloc criticized “most political parties who participated in power.”

In a statement, the Bloc stated that the responsibility of the state’s bankruptcy rests with those who directly infringed on public funds through deals, stressing that the judiciary needs to investigate and prosecute those parties to reclaim the citizens’ money either from the parties in power or from the implementing contractors.  The Bloc added that the responsibility also lies with those who witnessed those deals and did not partake in them, but instead only made oral objections to avoid blame. The Bloc added that personal asceticism does not justify a lack of political descent in all its forms from within the government and in parliament. The opposing political parties, namely the “Lebanese Forces” and “Hezbollah” have been represented in the same governments and in parliament, where they have voted together on laws and decisions. Both of those parties have had a history of resistance and of martyrdom: how does it become so difficult for them to “conquer” those deals?

The Bloc also addressed other parties who have participated in power over the past 30 years, such as the “Amal Movement” or “the Free Patriotic Movement” and the “Socialist” and the “Future Movement” among others, some of those parties think of themselves as parties of resistance. The Bloc asked those parties about their struggle against the corrupt deals as well.

The Bloc considers that the revolution accuses the political parties of those deals, and the judiciary, in the spirit of the slogan “all of them means all of them”, must take a stand. The Bloc noted that in past the justifications were made in the name of national reconciliation, civil peace, and support of the resistance. The result has been the bankruptcy of the state, the impoverishment of its citizens, and the dismantling of society in favor of horrific sectarian speech; all this while the Israeli enemy is standing by and laughing at the shaking of the foundations of Lebanon.

The Bloc added that the sectarian parties are trying to absolve themselves from this financial crime by attempting to reproduce themselves through the current government, a government that does not dare to appoint deputies of the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon without taking into account the political quotas of those parties. The Bloc clarified that the current government is taking decisions, and then withdrawing those decisions because of pressure from the sectarian parties; decisions that range from Capital Controls to the bailout rescue plan.  Regardless of the Bloc’s position about this government, it has become clear that it cannot be the one to save the country, therefore the Bloc calls for it to step down, to be replaced by an independent government that can attempt to save what can be saved, and for the political parties to present themselves in the upcoming elections so that citizens can decide what type of government they want.





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