Below are National Bloc's latest updates, along with its political statements, activities and projects.

The "National Bloc" launches its electoral campaign: the forces of change are united in a continuous battle against the mafia-militia alliance

The Lebanese National Bloc officially launched its electoral campaign for the 2022 parliamentary election on Saturday during a conference in which Secretary General Pierre Issa presented the party’s candidates in four districts namely Michel Helou in Baabda, Gistelle Semaan in...

National Bloc launches its political activity in the caza of Nabatieh: We want a strong state that protects its people equally

‌The Lebanese National Bloc Party launched its political activity in the caza of Nabatieh, in south Lebanon, where it opened its headquarters in cooperation with the Watani Haweyati group, in a ceremony during which the party's Secretary-General Pierre Issa stressed the...

The National Bloc Party announced the recommendations of its annual educational conference: Feghali: Schools’ closure or dropouts will either lead youth to prisons or to immigrate from Lebanon

The Lebanese National Bloc party released the following statement:

National Bloc launches the Jbeil Caza Council’s political activity

The Lebanese National Bloc Party launched the political activity of the Jbeil Caza Council in a ceremony held in the schoolyard of the Collège des Saints Cœurs (SSCC) - Jbeil

The "National Bloc" organized a dialogue workshop for lawyers under the title: “Beirut Bar Association elections between the national dimension and the privacy of the profession."

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

UN Special Coordinator Joanna Wronecka Meets National Bloc’s Leadership: We are committed to increase aid and support the Lebanese economy

The Lebanese National Bloc Party's Secretary-General Pierre Issa and member of the “Council of the Wise” Brigadier Carlos Edde, and members of the "Executive Committee" Naji Abou Khalil, Myriam Sayyah and Frederic Kheir, received Ms. Joanna Wronecka, the UN Special...

Issa in announcing the National Bloc's political program: Solutions exist; ultimate choice must be between the ‘State of statelets’ or a true State, all over again

The Lebanese National Bloc Party launched its political, developmental, and social program in a ceremony held at the Bloc's headquarters in Gemmayzeh. During the event, Secretary-General Pierre Issa confirmed that Lebanon’s “situation is very tragic, but not incurable” because “solutions...

The "National Bloc" visits “Kataeb Central House"... national principles come first

The Lebanese National Bloc Party's Secretary General Pierre Issa visited the headquarters of the Kataeb party in Saifi at the head of a delegation that was received by the Kataeb party's leader, Sami Gemayel.

Issa during the launch of the National Bloc’s Union’s and Expatriates sectors: the real work to restore Lebanon from the corrupt and criminals’ hands has begun

During the launch of the Unions and Expatriates sectors, Pierre Issa, Secretary General of the Lebanese National Bloc Party, stressed that the party "began today the real work to restore Lebanon "from the hands of the corrupt and criminals," calling...

Issa met with Spanish ambassador: To create a balance of power able to confront the ruling system and compel it to hold elections on time

The National Bloc released the following statement: