National Bloc: Ridding the judiciary from corruption should be followed up to the end in order to establish rule of law

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stated that the process of purifying the judicial body of corruption is a long-awaited positive initiative, and will be a cornerstone in creating the rule of law in the country as well as fighting corruption, political favoritism, and waste or public resources.  The Bloc called for the continuation of this process to its finalization, and that it not be limited to specific judges and judicial assistants who would be used as a scapegoat. An effective and protected judiciary system remains the first and last resort for all citizens and a source of confidence for investment in the country to create economic growth and job creation.

The National Bloc Party considered the clashes among a number of judges and the clashes between judges and government officials regretful, and that all efforts should go towards the goal of restoring the Lebanese judiciary system’s standing internally and externally.

The Bloc asserts that activating inspection mechanisms in government, including judicial inspection, will help in the fight against state corruption.  The Bloc added that the real immunity of a judge lies within his her own conscience and action.

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