National Bloc: Random public employment is a way for parties/sects to exploit the livelihoods of citizens

The Lebanese National Bloc Party denounced random employment in the public sector, describing it as "commercial trafficking" exploiting citizens’ livelihoods by the "parties/sects" for temporary electoral interests. The party pointed out that what was revealed in the “Ogero” affair was only a small example of this issue, and that investigations should continue until all governmental illegal and random employment cases have been pursued to reveal the responsible parties and their real intentions behind such a detrimental practice.

In its statement, the National Bloc asserted that the sectarian parties have adopted failing economic policies that have caused unprecedented unemployment rates while colluding on corruption and the waste of public resources.  These actions have brought an unsurpassed amount of distress and destitution to Lebanese citizens, and have wrongly used state resources to create employment.

The National Bloc called upon Lebanese citizens to abandon the vicious circle that the ruling parties have created, citing the current situation as an example of how those in power through their distorted view of public interest continue to manipulate the livelihoods of people.

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