National Bloc: Providing “honorable exits” for corrupt judges wrongs their victims twice

The Lebanese National Bloc Party asserts that the judiciary is the first and last resort for citizens and that it is the foundation of the rule of law. The Bloc considers purging the judicial body of corrupt elements a priority and a right of each citizen that has been unjustly treated by those corrupt elements.

The National Bloc Party said in a statement that the so-called "Honorable exits" created for corrupt judges by pushing them to resign simply wrong the victims of those judges twice. The Bloc asserted that citizens who have been victims of unjust verdicts issued by these judges must reopen their cases and receive compensation for damages incurred on their finances, reputations, and sometimes even for unjust incarceration.

The Bloc pointed out that the law punishes the briber and the bribed equally and wondered whether the so-called “Honorable exits” were created to prevent the prosecution of those corrupt judges, leaving their victims with no repercussion and the rule of law in the land lacking justice.

The Bloc called for investigations to combat judicial corruption that goes all the way, whether the injustice was done to individual citizens or to the state and its public funds, thus rebuilding trust in the judiciary system and restoring its standing and dignity.

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