Parties and Forces of “April 13 Appeal”: We call on the Lebanese to besiege public facilities and politicians’ homes

Opposition parties and forces of April 13 appeal released the following statement:

Today Lebanon woke up to the heartbreaking news of yet another massacre perpetrated by the ruling criminal authority, as all the Lebanese endure daily the burden of providing food, medicine, fuel and bread.

Because we refuse to be crushed daily, as a result of the actions of a system that only humiliates us at gas stations, in front of bakeries, and in our pitch-black homes. Because we know that the ruling regime in all its spectrums is responsible for all the ordeals we are going through. We declare today that we will not sleep in our homes and the killers will not remain in their palaces: "We will not sleep in our homes, you will not stay in yours either!"

Since October 17 through August 4, we have been calling the same corrupt and criminal authority by all peaceful means, and at the same time we are experiencing collapse and paying the price for successive failures while officials are safe in their homes and palaces and sitting behind their screens speaking, accusing and denouncing: “Shut up all of you”!

Let the president-designate apologize, since he is basically incapable of providing any solutions to the multitude of crises that are crippling Lebanon. Everyone is aware that this failing government is only hinging on some international aids for more clientelism, favoritism, theft and looting for the benefit of a handful of beneficiaries.

Let’s announce a transitional government independent of the authority to end the collapse, put in place a mechanism to stop the social bleeding, and organize the parliamentary elections on time.

May the President of the Republic, the head of this murderous regime, resign!

As for the Parliament, it should immediately lift the parliamentary immunities of the suspects of August 4 massive blast, pass the law on the independence of the judiciary without any amendments, and stop any other legislation that would inevitably be tantamount to legalizing unfair laws.

Accordingly, we declare an open confrontation with all the members of the ruling circle and its cronies, and assure them that each of them has indeed become a legitimate target for the oppressed people who are languishing in darkness, humiliation, poverty, destitution, despair and fear of the inevitable death.

Now that we have come to the edge of the abyss when the government remains impotent and lacking in terms of legitimacy, let everyone know that the forces of change have an integrated political, economic, social salvation project that emulate the crisis in the short and medium terms and that constitutes a vision for building a modern a citizenship-based nation.

We call on Lebanese countrywide, to restore the squares and besiege public facilities and politicians’ homes until the righteous demands are met.


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