NB: You are impeding accountability because you are all guilty... Mobilizing sectarian extremism will not help you

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Despite all the allegations made by the parties in power concerning their will to conduct a transparent investigation to hold accountable those responsible for the Beirut Port massacre, they will do their best to disrupt this investigation that will ultimately demonstrate their responsibility.

Since the August 4 explosion, all reports, and even confessions, whether from security services or media, proved that most of those who were in power knew about the ammonium nitrate at the port and did not take any measure. Now, they start hiding behind sectarian and political arguments to escape investigation and justice. They already thwarted the investigation before the Parliament, and we refuse their current attempt to prevent it before the Judicial Council without even knowing the information and evidence available to the Judicial Investigator Fadi Sawan.

As a stark example of disobedience and violation of the “rule of law” principle, Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi dared to publicly declare that he will not respond to the investigative judge's orders if he issues arrest warrants against the defendants. Who assigned the position of judge to Fahmi, and under what law he was appointed to head the judiciary police?

All these practices confirm that the parties in power will undermine the accountability efforts with all their deceptive tools and weapons, because all their leaders are guilty in one way or another. Therefore, we ask judge Sawan, and all impartial judges, to continue their battle until bringing justice to the port blast's victims, and holding perpetrators accountable.

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