NB to Hariri: After October 17, you are not the “natural” candidate to head government

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

It is not natural at all that the former PM Saad Hariri presents himself, in a televised appearance, as a “natural” candidate to head the next government. As if insisting on denying the game-changing “earthquake” caused by October 17 and August 4, the key figures of this regime and this ruling establishment are still considering themselves as an indispensable constant.

Acting as if nothing had happened on October 17 and August 4, Hariri is trying to mend a fractured relationship between the parties in power making an appeal [that reminds us of the verse] “come to a word that is common between us and you.” Responses of those he criticized were in the meaning of “his blame is as significant as his affection.”

The reunification between the parties-sects is happening while betting on the outcome of the French-US-Saudi-Iranian external pressures. The bet of the parties in power remains on a roadmap drawn by foreign powers and implemented by these parties through a government that is similar to previous Cabinets in terms of quota sharing and loot distribution, in the name of compliance to the National Pact.

However, what these parties-sects are ignoring is that the uprising of the Lebanese did not fade, and the fire of anger would rise from ashes at any moment. After 30 years of squandering, corruption, clientelism, and sectarianism, the Lebanese will not accept, in any form whatsoever, to be humiliated, looted, and to see their nation destroyed, once again… Comprehend it and step down.


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