NB: Our alliances are openly declared; we meet with the real opposition to the Establishment and its parties

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Some are saying that the Lebanese National Bloc Party invited to the inauguration ceremony of the Jbeil Caza Council's political activity, which took place last Saturday, political parties or their representatives, since some of them were among the attendees.

By way of clarification and to clear up any confusion, we confirm that the invitation was sent to the local authorities, including mayors and mukhtars in the caza of Jbeil, and to some of the district’s main actors, who either attended in person or delegated their representatives. This invitation was not addressed, in any way, to anyone in his/her capacity as being affiliated to a party [in power]. Invitees’ affiliations remain a personal matter, especially for those who are associated with the Establishment.

In this context, we would like to emphasize that the National Bloc’s alliances have always been openly declared, and the Bloc is meeting today with the forces of change in the real opposition to the Establishment and its parties.

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