NB: Backlash against Al-Rai aims to inflame tensions and mobilize extremism... Hezbollah is accepting the accusations of treason by not denouncing it

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The backlash by Hezbollah's official and unofficial media over the recent position of Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai, and not denouncing it by the party's official political leaders, are a condemned act and evidence on the following:

  • The continuous accusation of treason against anyone who expresses an opposite opinion to Hezbollah.
  • Targeting any religious authority aims to inflame sectarian tensions, as counter-reactions will follow and “sects’ parties” will then mobilize sectarian extremism to maintain their control over their supporters in order to distract people from their deliberate crimes of destroying Lebanon economically, socially, and physically in the August 4 bombing, and bar the way to the forces of change to save Lebanon.
  • Instead of accusing of treason all the citizens in the south who objected to Hezbollah’s response to the barbaric bombing by the Israeli enemy of border areas after launching “unidentified” missiles on occupied Palestine, would it not have been better for Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah to ask what if the Lebanese people are tired of this bombing under the name: "Unidentified". The firing of these missiles at an unjustified timing on the southern front intersects with the fueling of the regional conflict. Moreover, the "sects’ parties" have plunged Lebanon into this conflict in varying proportions, and each of them is looking for an external sponsor to intimidate others inside the country, at the expense of Lebanon's interest.
  • In the same context, while hundreds of thousands of Lebanese were expressing their grief and anger on the August 4 commemorations, the timing of launching unidentified rockets from the south was not surprising, as well as its coincidence with assaults on the August 4 march, which led to an unsuccessful and unjustified reaction in residential neighborhoods.
  • It is one recurring goal: To mobilize sectarian extremism, distract people from the criminality committed by the authorities, an ongoing attempt to obstruct the investigation – the latest of which is accusing the Judicial Investigator Tarek Bitar of politicizing the case, and impede the tidal wave of the forces of change.
  • The sects’ parties and their Establishment are dumping what they had left to continue the destruction of Lebanon and their internal occupation. On the other hand, the civilized and peaceful internal resistance has the project of a nation and citizenship; it will not surrender and its victory is inevitable.
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