National Bloc: Wide gap between ‘fake sectarian position’ of establishment and ‘true reality’ of society

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:  

During the musical evening at the Sursock Palace, where a concert was held in remembrance of the victims who lost their lives forty days ago in the Beirut Port explosion, we were impressed again by scenes reminding us every day of the widening gap between a society full of places of encounter and dialogue, and a sectarian authority continuing its attempts to divide and split this society.

Some of the scenes that are worth highlighting:


  • A broad national presence rising above the sectarian “nitrate” through which the leading figures in power continue to mobilize the tools of division and violence for the sects’ parties.


  • The ‘love of life’ culture and an attachment to Lebanon, the center stage of a splendid civilization, albeit above the ruble, in the face of the culture of death, deliberate killing, and impoverishment of citizens, plunging them in the darkness of the Middle Ages.


  • Reciting the names of victims who belong to all confessions and sects, reminded the skeptics that the sects and their parties are not protecting anyone now, neither did they in the past, nor will they in the future.


  • As for the ceremony itself, the level of its organization and content reflects the same degree of professionalism that was demonstrated by citizens who rushed after August 4 to protect those who were threatened by the collapse of their houses, to clear the rubble, and renovate homes. These are the same citizens who have been entrusted by donor countries to handle all aid to affected people. This is a new opportunity and another proof that the reliable alternative exists.
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