National Bloc: We Call Citizens to a Sea of Peaceful Civilized Protests Pushing the Government to Resign

The 72 hours deadline given by Prime Minister Saad Hariri to resolve the crisis is unrealistic and undermines citizens’ intelligence.


  • What they were incapable of achieving in the past 3, 15 or 30 years cannot be executed in 72 hours while members throw the blame on each other.
  • Prime Minister Hariri’s mention of a smooth transition is the correct approach, but power should not be handed over to a one colored team.
  • Every single party currently in power is an active part of the clientelist, corrupt system and is trapped in this same system.
  • A one-colored team in government will subject Lebanon to foreign interference, which will result in the suppression of freedoms and a confrontation with the international community. This situation will in turn lead to sanctions, and thus to an economic and financial collapse in addition to the aggravation of poverty in Lebanon.
  • The “smooth transition” referred to as an effective solution would be to form a government of independent experts with wide prerogatives and with the priority to restore trust and solve electricity issues, reduce public debt and reform the public administration.
  • The “confessional parties” must hold a round of dialogue to resolve essential disagreements such as the strategy of defense, our foreign relations, and the sectarian system.
  • We call citizens to massively protest in a civilized and peaceful manner for the remainder of the “72 hours”, and push the government to resign.
  • We ask the protestors to avoid any confrontation with the supporters of the “confessional parties” who seek to thwart the revolution.
  • A sign of political maturity we can show would be to withdraw when any violent act is committed, and return after their departure.
  • We should not allow them to end the uprising.
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