National Bloc to the international community: Time has come for you to expose our internal occupation

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

World capitals, both regionally and internationally, are now calling on the political class to form a rescue government, including most recently Doha. From the Presidential Palace in Baabda, Qatar's Deputy PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, expressed his confidence in the intentions of Lebanon’s political currents to work in favor of the national interest.

No, Your Excellency, the sects’ parties have neither the ability nor the desire to work for Lebanon's interest. Those who have been in power over the past years will not be able to save what they destroyed, as the selfishness of this ruling system prevents it from dealing with the gravity of Lebanon's disintegration.

What the parties-sects want is a government that serves their sectarian and authoritarian interests, and with the total collapse only scraps and crumbs are left to share, and they are fiercely fighting with each other to grab the leftovers.

There is no hope for Lebanon under the rule of the sects’ parties after they were unmasked by the October 17 revolution, with their impotence, corruption, and dependence on foreign powers. If Doha, along with the rest of the capitals, wants to help Lebanon, the only solution would be to support a government independent of these parties; a sovereign rescue government with expanded powers. Only such a government has the opportunity to salvage what is left of the nation and build a state that protects all its citizens. The time has come for you to expose our internal occupation.


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