National Bloc: This regime does not want a government... continues to drain the life of the Lebanese

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

It is evident that the political and banking systems are refusing to form a government that imposes more responsibility on them to implement economic reforms, which have become vital to save what is left of the economy and the necessary resources to sustain a decent life in Lebanon.

It is evident that the regime prefers scarifying the whole society and refuses any compromise related to its interests, benefits, and immunities.

It is evident that the President of the Republic seems to have private and family considerations, and is unconcerned with the fact that hundreds of thousands of Lebanese families are being torn apart due to the crisis and the emigration of their children. His acts are proving every day what he had previously said to the Lebanese men and women: “Leave if you don't like the [system].”

It is evident that the interests of the Lebanese men and women is not part of Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah's considerations. He interferes in regional affairs, negotiates deals in the region, and wants from a dignified people to express gratitude for a meagre amount of diesel that will not change our bitter reality.

It is evident that each sect's leader in Lebanon is only concerned with preserving what is left from his clientelist networks that are currently living off smuggling and black market, and blackmailing people with their basic needs. As for the theatrical show of arrests that we witnessed lately, they are the ultimate proof of the involvement of sects' parties in mafia-style practices.

It is evident that this regime has started maneuvering to evade next year's parliamentary elections.

It is about time that the officials, who pretend to be on people's side, admit their inability and accept to hand over power to a government that is independent of the regime's interests; a government that is capable of carrying out necessary reforms to halt the collapse and organize parliamentary and municipal elections that recreate popular legitimacy of constitutional and local institutions. The only political courageous act that those in power can make is to acknowledge the full inability of the regime.

However, it is also evident that the confrontation is still ongoing. We will continue our struggle in the streets, beside the people, and through diplomatic means, in order to impose an independent government that puts an end to the collapse and organizes municipal and parliamentary elections with an independent administration, in spring 2022.

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