National Bloc: The truth is as clear as the attempts to disrupt the port crime investigation

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The decision by Judge Habib Mezher of notifying the Judicial Investigator Tarek Bitar to suspend looking into the Beirut port investigation, as well as his request to Bitar to hand him over the full case, are not only considered as a violation and an offence committed against the jurisdiction of other judges, but they raise questions also over the use of some spheres of the judiciary by the regime to obstruct the investigation and justice.

The regime is acting as being a suspect. Small street wars, government disruptions, and threats against the Judicial Investigator by a militia security official inside the Palace of Justice, as well as arrangements and tradeoffs by warlords and clerics... and the last episode of the drama show is entitled: Stop the investigation to protect the suspects involved in the crime.

The attempt to oust Judge Bitar, after removing his predecessor Judge Fadi Sawan, is a condemnation of the ruling Establishment’s role. This attempt prompts us to continue the struggle for an independent judiciary and to safeguard independent judges.

If the Establishment succeeds in removing Judge Bitar, we will have then to rely on the United Nations and the UN Security Council and call for an international investigation, given that the obstruction of justice in Lebanon is a direct threat o international peace and security.

Today, while the Lebanese women and men are waiting for the promised reforms and rescue plans, this Establishment, with its cross-border militias and mafias, is busy evading the investigation of the biggest crime that Lebanon has witnessed.

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