National Bloc: The solution is to pass the Capital Control Law, not humiliate people or undermine the judiciary’s independence

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

  • The slogan “All of them means all of them” was annoying to many, but it revealed the horrible political scene and the complicity of the ruling regime, along with all its actors. A “judicial-banking drama show” that spread panic among citizens who rushed to get the crumbs of their dues, for fear of starvation.
  • They enjoy scaring people who are not even able to access their seized deposits. They mislead them with the illusion of a lifeline, that is the LBP 3,900 exchange rate, to gratefully accept the loss of three quarters of our deposits’ value when they impose again the same exchange rate, while the real value of our money is 4 times what banks are giving us.
  • As for the principle of the judicial independence, the scene of the tripartite meeting in Baabda today – the Central Bank’ governor sits with the judge, in the presence of the arbitrator entrusted with the protection of the Constitution – is the ultimate insult to the judicial authority and the biggest betrayal of people’s trust in the judiciary.
  • They follow the strategy of humiliation to break our determination, but they are wrong. We will not give in to your hypocrite manipulations and rotten schemes. We will not accept raising the gasoline price despite humiliating us in long queues at gas stations. We will not accept unreliable medicines, even if they are not found in pharmacies, and we will not accept stealing us at 3,900 pounds, even if they scare us with the LPB 1,500 rate.
  • The culture of humiliation and intimidation must end, as the Lebanese are a people who deserve dignity and tranquility. Solutions exist. The first of them is the adoption of the Capital Control Law, and the restructuring of the banking sector, which ensures protection for small depositors and a fair distribution of losses. But starting to implement solutions is impossible as long as the will of the people remains hostage to a sterile parliament, a government that does not see the light, and a powerless presidency.


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