National Bloc: Six months after the port explosion... The regime is condemned twice until proven otherwise

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Six months after the Beirut Port explosion, the truth is clear for the Lebanese people and the identity of the suspects is known.

This regime is condemned today, along with its high-level officials and ministers, until proven otherwise.

It is condemned twice. Once, because it colluded, facilitated, or was aware of the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that arrived in Beirut, and of transferring quantities of it across the borders. It ultimately caused the port blast and devastated half of the capital.

A second time, because it jointly colluded to obstruct the investigation, either when officials affiliated to the Lebanese President’s team were granted protection, or when the Parliament protected the ministers who were summoned for investigation, or when sectarian red lines were drawn to defend the Premiership.

The regime is betting on evading its responsibility by disrupting the investigation, hiding behind sectarian ramparts, and dividing the Lebanese people.

The National Bloc is betting on the Lebanese people’s unity in the face of the authorities to hold criminals accountable and know what really happened in the port of Beirut.

We are betting on the people who voiced their opinion on October 17 and toppled the idols of the civil war.

We are betting on the independence of the judiciary to confront the power of militias and traffickers, and to assume its historical responsibility towards the Lebanese people.

We are betting on every judicial procedure initiated by the families of the victims, whether in Lebanon or abroad, which contributes to holding criminals accountable and revealing the truth.

On the sixth month anniversary of the port blast, the National Bloc declares its solidarity with every injured person, and with all those who lost loved ones, their home, and their livelihood. It also affirms its full commitment to the battle of truth and accountability, not only for the sake of preserving the rights of the victims, but also out of conviction that this battle is crucial in the course of liberating Lebanese women and men from this regime.

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