National Bloc responds to campaign of fabrications against it: We support Bkerki's initiative, UN's legitimacy, full sovereignty, free economy...

The National Bloc released the following statement:

For all troublemakers trying to profit from any state of confusion, we remind them of some of our principles:

We not only endorse the initiative taken by Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai, but we already confirmed our support to his request for convening an international conference. However, we refuse joining an event that was called for, planned, and exploited by sects’ parties to serve their own interests.

We are with the legitimacy of the United Nations exclusively, and against any involvement in any of the foreign axes.

We are with Lebanon's neutrality and keeping war and peace decision-making in the hands of the state, and against the uncontrolled weapons and dependence on foreign states.

We are with sovereignty in its proper meaning, and against financing parties from outside Lebanon.

We are with a free economy and social justice, and against cartels and monopolies.

We are with the state of law and citizenship, and against clientelism and sectarianism.

We are with principles and democracy, and against warlords.

We are with the process of building a full-fledged state, and against the statelet.

We are with equal citizen's rights for all, and against the seditious and divisive slogans on sects’ rights.

We are with the October 17 revolution and its demands, and against the performance and practices of what was known as March 8 and 14 camps, with all parties in power.

This campaign that was motivated by mean political allegations, and fraught with inconsistencies and contradictions that misled some media outlets, whether by accusing us of being a right-wing party at times and a left-wing party at other times, or of being aligned with the Iranian axis or the US axis, is the ultimate proof that the Lebanese National Bloc Party is taking the right position and underlines the importance of continuing our struggle to build a state that protects all its citizens. Stop your attempts of mobilizing sectarian extremism. We are not called National Bloc for nothing, our name is summing up our nationwide vision across the country.

Those who want to know more about the National Bloc's positions can refer to our official statements and immutable principles since the late party leader Raymond Eddé to the present day. It is worth recalling that Eddé, who was the target of three assassination attempts from both the right and left sides of the conflict at that time, never wavered in his convictions and rejected three times the presidency for refusing any compromise on Lebanon’s sovereignty. We belong to this historical background; neither the threats, nor the state positions will make us give up our principles.

It seems that the dissenting voice of the National Bloc started irritating the sects’ parties. They resorted, as always, to their populist practices and schemes by spreading fake and fabricated news against us in a bid to influence the public opinion. These parties became ethically, popularly, and politically compromised. They do not have much left other than ridiculous lies and fabrications in trying to catch their last breath. Our unifying and cohesive positions will certainly not benefit them, just as they do not benefit the Israeli enemy and everyone adopting the divide-and-rule logic.


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