National Bloc: Parties/sects exchange blame to cover up for failing to create a viable budget

The Lebanese National Bloc stated that the debates among the ruling parties/sects about the rights of religions and sects is nothing but an attempt to distract the public from the fact that the government has failed to achieve a rescue budget for the country’s failing economy.  

In a statement, the Bloc said that the attempt to stir up sectarian feelings amongst people in the past two days is insulting to the public’s intelligence.  The Bloc reiterated that there is no such thing as "the rights of communities" but only "the rights of the citizen" whether belonging to a sect or not. The Bloc also stated that poverty, destitution, disease, lack of education, unemployment and other dire situations do not distinguish among sects and or races, and the so-called "rights of communities" are only the rights of the leaders of these communities in the appointment of employees on the basis of political favoritism.

The Lebanese National Bloc believes in a Lebanon composed of citizens of different religions and sects, and this is at the core of the rich cultural diversity of the country.  This pluralistic society is prone to tensions and in-fighting, however, the escalating tensions are a direct result of the fanaticism that different leaders are instilling in the minds and hearts of their followers only to assert their own power.

The party concluded its statement by stressing that pluralism in Lebanon is a blessing and can be a peaceful reality if we refuse to turn back the clock and manage our affairs better through integrity, democracy, responsible citizenship, the rule of law, and sovereignty.


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