National Bloc on the regime and the false promise: Subsidies to cover up the collapse... Laying the state foundations a guarantee for the future

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The practices of sects’ parties that are humiliating and degrading citizens through food aid and "subsidy boxes,” are nothing but a desperate attempt to revive themselves and cover up the upcoming economic disaster and the total collapse of the nation.

They are the same parties that stole the citizens’ bank deposits – the earnings of their hard work, livelihood, and their own effort – and destroyed the economy with their economic and monetary policies, squandering, corruption, and clientelism. Today, they are seeking their gratitude with some basic subsidies.

As for these parties’ claim and promise to their supporters to secure aid permanently and “prevent hunger,” this is nothing but a false promise, similar to previous promises of security and prosperous future.

If an independent government is not formed to save the economy, subsidized items continue to be smuggled, and the central bank’s reserves run out, a complete collapse will occur. Then, there will be no limits to the dollar exchange rate, price increase, unemployment figures, bankruptcy of institutions, collapse of educational and health systems, an almost complete power outage, and the law of the jungle that will prevail in the streets.

Therefore, all promises of sects’ parties to citizens about the sustainability of aid will not help in meeting the basic needs of citizens in terms of food, health, education, and security, nor eventually in achieving their first and basic demand: To live with dignity.

In the end, there would be no recovery for this nation without a state-building process, and no guarantee for citizens’ interest and future without laying the foundations of the state.

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