National Bloc on Kordahi's resignation: Arrogance and haughtiness do not make a foreign policy

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The mask fell off once again.

Minister Kordahi resigned following a regional-international arrangement and not a sovereign decision taken by the Lebanese government.

In fact, neither his appointment, nor his obstinacy to stay in office, nor his resignation were made by a national Lebanese decision.

Once again, the mask fell off exposing an incompetent regime totally dependent on foreign powers and the regional dictates of Hezbollah.

They disrupted the government's work at a time Lebanon needed every second and every effort to restore confidence and initiate reforms in order to stop the collapse and emerge from the crisis.

Respecting Lebanon's sovereignty means that:

- The foreign policy should be established by constitutional institutions, not by parties associated with regional agendas.

- The foreign policy should be built on Lebanon's reality and interests, not on haughtiness and empty positions.

- The foreign policy should belong to the Lebanese people and be in their service.

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