National Bloc: Official confusion about forensic audit reveals horrible truth behind financial accounts

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The scandal did not wait for the consultancy firm Alvarez & Marsal to start its task. The current confusion among the ruling classes reveals a new chapter of the horrible truth behind financial accounts.

If we look at the course of action since the Cabinet’s approval to conduct the forensic audit, under the pressure and rebuke of the international community, we note the following:

First, postponements, evasions, and attempts to replace the forensic audit with a routine auditing of accounts.

Second, accusing the first company, initially proposed to perform the audit, of dealing and collaborating with the Israeli enemy. As if harming Lebanon needs the brutality of its enemy, while its own rulers are properly doing the job of destroying it!

Third, after hiring Alvarez & Marsal to conduct the forensic audit, the following happened:

The Central Bank's Governor Riad Salameh attempted to avoid handing over the financial data requested by the company. When his arguments proved unpersuasive, he put the blame on his partners and submitted some information to the Ministry of Finance. Taken by complete surprise, and after the betrayal of the partner, Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni rushed to the Lebanese President Michel Aoun in search of a cover. At that time, when the scandal fallout started affecting highly-placed political figures, and was not limited anymore to a central bank governor, as intended by the President of the Republic and his team, their only escape was to postpone the audit for 3 months, betting on any possible miracle.

But to their surprise, the miracle they are waiting for to rescue them is impossible now after they became internationally exposed, and internally exposed to a stolen and stricken people.

A people who defied, rose up, and will not yield before holding them accountable by overthrowing them...

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