National Bloc: Justice and double standards are at opposite ends; corruption and weapons system continues to undermine the state of law

The Lebanese National Bloc Party’s Executive Committee released the following statement:

The “comedy show” that we have witnessed recently has betrayed the citizens and weakened their trust in the judiciary as a whole, which is the last remaining hope for accountability and the restoration of their rights. Justice and double standards are at opposite ends.

The sharp split that emerged within the judicial system, particularly in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, revealed the lack of independence and justice. It even proved the politicization of the judiciary as some judges are tied to political parties with foreign affiliations. What justice are you expecting amid a judicial reality with a militia mindset? What justice are you expecting in the absence of a judiciary’s independence law, and in the presence of supporters who have moved from fighting battles between the parties in power to fighting the battles of judges aligned with these parties?

What is certain is that nothing will rehabilitate the most important pillar in building the state of law except the adoption of the judicial authority’s independence.

Similarly, the main figures of this ruling system are so insolent that they publicly admitted their crimes, specifically by organizing cross-border smuggling operations to serve their own self-centered agendas and interests. The acknowledgment of Sheikh Sadiq Al Nabulsi, who is affiliated with Hezbollah, is nothing but a conclusive evidence that the corruption and weapons system has no limits and will continue its systematic actions to undermine the state of law and what is left of it.

This is the same ruling system that abandoned our rights in our maritime waters, and surrendered them in favor of "friendly" and enemy countries, thus becoming the internal occupation and the first and last enemy of the Lebanese people and their interests.

We are in a state of war with those who violated our state and killed our people. Therefore, we are using all available peaceful means to regain our right from the sellers of the homeland.

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