National Bloc: “Dose of poison” no longer trustworthy

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Former PM Saad Hariri’s claim that he is consuming poison in order to save Lebanon is a déjà-vu theatrical drama, to say the least, aiming to carry on an old-age practice of a quota allocation system.

The second act of this unfolding drama starts when Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri embraces Hariri’s initiative, once again for “Lebanon’s salvation.” How could he not accept it, as long as Berri is holding on to the National Pact and determined to restore the Ministry of Finance to the Shiite Duo, after he impressed the Lebanese with successes, achievements, and transparency in this portfolio and its ramifications for years!

Would it not be sheer madness to go back again to the same old rules that led to Lebanon’s destruction and collapse?!

Fooling the Lebanese can no longer be possible with false statements coming from all sides about the parties-sects leaving behind their selfishness and renouncing positions and ministerial portfolios, while they are full of endless greed in their essence. The “dose” of poison is no longer trustworthy.

The essence of these parties is crystal clear and exposed to all the people. Fear the anger of the Lebanese and step down… the alternative is ready to take over.