National Bloc backs Al-Rai calls to an international conference: To build a civil state extending sovereignty with its legitimate forces

The Lebanese National Bloc Party's Executive Committee issued, after its regular meeting held today, Monday March 1, the following statement:

First - Regarding the not-so-innocent confusion that followed the National Bloc’s position on Bkerki's initiative, we would first like to thank Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai for endorsing in his address the demands of people who have come a long way in closing ranks against all parties in power, and calling for an international conference “to protect our consensus and our unified, sovereign, and independent state” instead of keeping Lebanon a bargaining chip in the hands of major powers.

This is precisely the historical position of our party, which is adhering to the 1949 Armistice Agreement of neutrality, is opposed to illegitimate weapons since the 1969 Cairo Agreement until today, and is suggesting international emergency forces to safeguard our sovereignty and keep it well-insulated from external axes policies that are threatening the existence of our nation.

We confirm, in this respect, that the party has given the freedom to participate in Bkerki’s latest rally, cautioning that all sects’ parties may exploit this event to deepen the internal divide and divergence between the unified people.

Second - The Executive Committee reaffirmed that the Lebanese National Bloc Party has been and will remain a nation-building project, firmly believing that the October 17 revolution gave hope of a real opportunity for reform, modernity, restoring the right of determination to people, and building a civil and modern state based on values and ethics.

Third - The Lebanese National Bloc Party will continue to work towards rehabilitating politics and party activities in general, which were distorted over the years by wars and lingering Syrian, Israeli, and more recently Iranian occupations . We are determined to continue setting up an exemplary party, cutting across regional, religious, and sectarian lines, a party for all the Lebanese built on values of freedom, ethics, dialogue, transparency, and democratic practice, a party conforming to the rotation of power, accountability, and responsibility.

Fourth - Today, we need to revive the Lebanese dream. Despite the obstacles, setbacks, and attempts to underestimate its experiences, we need to resuscitate Lebanon’s role, by presenting a model that can be generalized about a civil and more humane life based on freedom, justice, and human dignity.

Fifth - This is how the decision of the Lebanese National Bloc Party was, and how it will remain. To prioritize the nation’s interest over any other interest, to be emboldened by our fellow citizens against external powers, to expand lines of communication by using dialogue as the sole means to resolve our internal problems, and to continue building a civil state freed from sectarian power-sharing, a state extending sovereignty with its legitimate forces, a state of law and institutions.

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