National Bloc and MPs for Change’s press conference in Tripoli: To “Lebanize” the presidential elections and elect a sovereign reformist President

With the 2022 presidential election approaching, Lebanese people face a daunting set of challenges.

MPs for change, Dr. Rami Fanj, Michel Douaihy, Marc Daou, and representative of the "National Bloc" in Tripoli Camille Mourani, held a press conference at the bloc's headquarters in the city, during which MP Fanj confirmed that “Tripoli is the epicenter of hardships and today it reflects the extremely haunting image of the tragic life endured by the Lebanese".

He called on the national sovereigns’ groups to join efforts in the legislative work and in the presidential elections to get out of the great impasse looming ahead, pointing out that “the elections of the Head of State will be a pivotal moment in the history of the country”.

For his part, MP Douaihy stated that “during the revolution Tripoli embraced the uprisings from Zgharta, Bcharre, Koura, Batroun, and Akkar, and this city should be an integral part of the project to liberate the country from the claws of its captors''. He added: “We, as representatives of the Lebanese in the parliament, are determined to support Tripoli's representatives in this great battle and insist on Lebanizing the presidential elections", revealing that his bloc is seeking to open a dialogue with all opposition blocs that share the same perspective in order to elect a sovereign reformist president.  

In turn, Daou promised to counter all attempts to patch out the cracks at the expense of the citizens during the legislative session next Tuesday, considering that the failure to develop a plan for recovery and restructuring of the banking sector, losses distribution and the chaotic manipulation of crisis management require the swift election of a President and the formation of a credible government that is capable of resolving the compounding crises in parallel with the Parliament that must kick off an overhaul workshop of major legislative reform.

Daou concluded “Our presence in Tripoli is to draw energy from the revolutionary people of Tripoli to stand against all attempts to circumvent the popular will expressed by Tripoli through the ballot boxes”.

The "National Bloc" representative in Tripoli Camille Mourani mentioned that the city was and still is, the first victim of occupation practiced by the Syrian regime that tortured its people during and after the war”. He added “after the independence uprising in 2005, the system carried out the same strategy, albeit with different tools''. He stressed that the Tripolitans were standing in the front rows in all great national events in the country, and they were defending with flesh and blood all national predicaments in Lebanon.

Mourani called on the change deputies to put the city among their priorities. He also urged them to coordinate with each other and with all other parliamentary blocs that are intersected in electing a reformist president who can be entrusted with the constitution, sovereignty and interests of the Lebanese unexceptionally.