National Bloc: Amid the state's failure, let us protect ourselves from coronavirus

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The corona pandemic health crisis in Lebanon has entered its most dangerous phase, while the parties in power are still busy with power-sharing deals and tugs of war for their own interests, and failed as usual in managing this crisis.

Amid the state’s absence and inertia, and as in all the ordeals in Lebanon, the Lebanese people has the ability to find solutions and implement them. For this reason, we have to take the reins, be in control, and follow the most strict precautions to avoid contributing to the rapid spread of this virus.

As for the sects’ parties, which had always promised citizens and gave them the impression of protecting them, their failure became evident now after the consecutive crises hitting Lebanon and the Lebanese people because of them, from the financial and economic crisis, to the August 4 explosion and the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, we need to protect ourselves until we build a strong state capable of protecting all its citizens.

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