National Bloc: A heavy legacy left by the statelets... forces of change have the solutions to all our crises

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Hezbollah's Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah asked, “Is it required that Hezbollah resorts to military means to prevent smuggling?” The answer is definitely no. “This is the job of the state,” he added. The answer is that he is definitely right. But what Sayyed Nasrallah did not say was that the logic of sectarian statelets had taken over the state, and even abolished it. As long as the statelets are preventing the establishment of the state of citizenship, sovereignty, and equal rights and duties, the smuggling, humiliation, and starvation of citizens will persist.

As for asking Syria, Iran, or other countries to provide us with fuel, it is the ultimate proof of the absence of the state and the emergence of statelets.

Enough “begging” from the East and the West. If there was a state – not statelets sharing the country’s resources and citizens’ savings, and putting their sponsors’ interests ahead of Lebanon's interest – we would not have reached this humiliating position of begging.

Similarly, if it turns out that the US has put pressure on the Prime Minister to resign on October 17, it is another consequence of the statelets abandoning Lebanon's sovereignty. But the reality that the sectarian statelets are trying to deny is that the government was actually toppled by the October 17 uprising, not by any embassy.

The uprising was the revolution of a people who wanted the state of citizenship, from all over the country. This people, who overthrew the government of statelets, is continuing its struggle, regardless of the challenges and attempts to break and subdue it. The internal resistance continues, and the Lebanese people will not surrender, as they did not submit in the past to any occupier.

The state of citizenship is inevitably coming, and the forces of change have programs and solutions to all of Lebanon's crises, even in the smallest details. The statelets have left a heavy legacy and overcoming it will take time and effort, but in the end, the “sun will rise” after this dark night, and the statelets will vanish.