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Committee Leader: Rita El-Am

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About the committee

Adopting a general policy and laws aimed at radically reforming all public social security funds in order to ensure comprehensive medical care and old-age insurance, as well as adopting a housing policy, and setting up an unemployment fund.

  • Solidarity
  • Poverty
  • Social services
  • Unemployment
  • Health coverage
  • Golden age
  • Refugee crisis
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Committee Leaders

Rita El-Am
Rita El-Am
⚖️ | @nationalbloc_lb General Assembly Secretary ⚡️

Committee Members

Rania Saliba
Manal Issa
Stephanie Hamoush
Maria Edde
Anne Marie Naim
Mhamad Marrouch
Walid Hallassou
Samer Harfoush
Elie El helou
Nada Dallal Doughan
Mia Atoui


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