National Bloc: The Lebanese government is misleading its citizens with random public sector employment

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stressed that random public sector employment in the country is a blatant example of nepotism and corruption within the government.  Similarly, the government’s failure to pay its contributions to the National Social Security Fund is an action which will consequently lead those insured with the NSSF to loss of rightful compensation.

In a statement, the National Bloc Party warned that the accumulated debt of the state in favor of "social security" would lead to the transfer of the state's fiscal deficit to the social security fund and result in the loss of end-of-service benefits to citizens as they reach retirement.

The party considered the State's deduction from the wages of its employees and not paying its dues to the social security fund as a characterization of abuse of power as well as a flagrant violation of the rights of thousands of citizens.

The National Bloc was a contributor in passing the Social Security Act of 1963 and asserts the urgent need to adopt public policies and laws to create radical reform of all public security funds.  The government can guarantee comprehensive medical care and proper retirement pension only through radical reform of fund financing equitably among citizens.

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