National Bloc: Lakkis’ visit to Syria is of no use unless tariffs are reduced on farmers’ products

The Lebanese National Bloc Party considers the internal division on Lebanese-Syrian affairs among the members of the so-called “national unity” government as a sign of mistrust among the members of this government. This division translates as weakness and hesitation in the way Lebanon deals with the Syrian state in matters that affect the lives of the Lebanese people, specifically those in the agricultural sector.

The Minister of Agriculture Hassan al-Lakkis’ expected visit to Syria will stay within the framework of internal political maneuvering if it does not result in the reducing of tariffs on land exports, and specifically on agricultural products.

In its statement, the National Bloc Party was troubled with the fact that the Syrian authorities raised their tariff fees on Lebanese agricultural products, ultimately hurting farmers, the weakest link in this equation.

The National Bloc consequently wondered about Syria’s motivation for such a policy, especially since the Lebanese have and still are paying dearly to shelter the displaced Syrians in the most deprived agricultural areas.  Many of these agricultural areas are within the incubating environment of Hezbollah, Syria’s main ally in Lebanon, therefore the question arises on whether this decision was a message to certain political parties.

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