Issa paying condolences to Slim's family: Lokman’s funeral proves the free Lebanese people does not fear death

National Bloc’s Secretary-General Pierre Issa affirmed, in a short statement while offering condolences with a party delegation to the family of author and activist Lokman Slim, at the family home in Beirut's southern suburb yesterday, Friday, that mourning Lokman does not in any way mean mourning the free speech, as his funeral proved that the free Lebanese people is not afraid of death.

He stressed that after the tragic assassination, the most remarkable positions were taken by his mother, sister, and wife to whom he said: You are an epitome of citizenship, respect for others, dignity, and tolerance.

He reminded that the values of this family have their origins in a father and a husband, who was one of the most prominent protagonists in the National Bloc alongside the party leader Raymond Eddé, the late MP, jurist, and lawyer Mohsen Slim who was a fervent advocate of the “People First” principle.

Issa, who noted that Slim’s family set a tone for the coming period with their “Zero Fear” motto, concluded: Nothing will stop us from continuing our struggle to build a state that protects all its citizens.

Besides the Secretary-General, the party delegation included the Executive Committee members Lina Qmati, Lynn Harfoush, and Naji Abu Khalil.


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