Issa met with Spanish ambassador: To create a balance of power able to confront the ruling system and compel it to hold elections on time

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The Lebanese National Bloc Party's Secretary-General, Pierre Issa, met with the Spanish ambassador to Lebanon, José María Ferré, at the Bloc's headquarters in Gemmayzeh, with the participation of the Executive Committee member Naji Abu Khalil. Participants discussed the activities of the National Bloc as an opposition party that is expanding today to various regions after relaunching it in February 2019.

The meeting dealt with the party’s efforts, along with some of its allies, to establish an opposition front. Issa stressed the need to bring together all opposition forces and groups in one front to create a balance of power able to confront the ruling system that is responsible for the reality we are facing today. In this context, participants addressed the April 13 Declaration considering it a stepping stone in creating this opposition.

The Secretary-General emphasized the National Bloc's insistence on forming an independent government, as only this government is able to stop the collapse and organize transparent elections, especially after the system proved its inability to address the crisis.

Regarding the upcoming parliamentary elections, participants discussed the role of the international community, namely the United Nations, in compelling the ruling system to hold elections on time. They pointed out to its particular role in imposing the establishment of an independent body to manage the electoral process.

The Spanish ambassador expressed his understanding of the Lebanese crisis causes, and the insistence of Spain and the European Union on holding the parliamentary elections on time.