Helou and Douaihy Meet with the Lebanese Community in New York: Hope is Alive Thanks to the Lebanese Diaspora

The National Bloc released the following statement:

Secretary General Michel Helou, and MP Michel Douaihy met with around 100 expatriates from the Lebanese community in the state of New York, where they discussed the challenges they face in confronting the ruling class in Lebanon. They emphasized that hope is still alive, thanks to the potential of the Lebanese diaspora, their interest in Lebanese politics, their political activity, and their ability to influence political outcomes in Lebanon.

They also addressed the situation in the South and the importance of the comprehensive implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701; and the issue of Syrian displacement and its risks to Lebanon under a resigned authority.

In this context, Diana Menhem, Executive Director of "Kulluna Irada," reminded that the votes of expatriates contributed to the success of between 5 and 6 MPs from the Forces of Change and that their right to vote, is a sacred right that is as important as that of residents. She added: It is essential to fight from now to preserve this right against the authorities’ attempts to silence them.

During the Q&A session, both Helou and Douaihy explained the challenges posed by sectarianism in Lebanon, and talked about ways to protect depositors' rights, the necessity of implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1559, and the importance of electing a president.

The meeting concluded with a cocktail reception and networking with the attendees, many of whom expressed their interest in participating in political work as part of the Forces of Change.