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    Dar El-Mreisseh Committee

    This is the description of the committee. Luis fringilla justo et mi aliquet, blandit dapibus risus tempus. Pellentesque scelerisque nunc ut neque suscipit, et sollicitudin leo commodo. Vestibulum eget quam ornare, molestie est in, dictum massa. Sed in ligula gravida, molestie lectus quis, dignissim quam.
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    November 18, 2029 at 5am
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    My Committe

    These are Committees objectives
    November 18, 2029 at 5am
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    I’m offering support: Test

    Legal Support

    Platform for change aims to create a common space for professionals willing to provide their services to the society, and citizens in need of those services, to communicate and cooperate for the purpose of serving the community.


    Do you have legal expertise you want to offer to your fellow citizens? Or you need legal consultancy in a public interest related issue?


    Sign up so we can link you together and start building a stronger community.


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