National Bloc: Citizens revolt against threats to their livelihoods amidst a lack of confidence in the government

The Lebanese National Bloc Party asserts that the economy is not limited to the numbers and figures being thrown about, but it is also based on confidence in the government and its financial and legislative system, something that is lacking in today’s Lebanon. The Bloc says that what is driving citizens in the public and private sectors to denounce the salary cuts is due to lack of confidence in the government and its interest in their wellbeing.

The National Bloc Party said in a statement that the austerity budget could have gained the confidence of the people and investors if it had provided the following:  activation of anti-corruption bodies and equipping and empowering them, strengthening anti-smuggling systems to stop waste, and putting e-government into action to facilitate government transaction and limit bribery and corruption.  

The fact that the budget is not based on the concept of social solidarity, having excluded many sectors from the fiscal reform process, and specifically, the banking sector that is more capable of meeting the “Cedre” conference obligations, increases the lack of trust in this budget. The Bloc suggested that the problem at this level lies in the overlap of the private interest of politicians with the public interest, and specifically their investments in the banking sector.

The Bloc concluded its statement by saying that the government can only regain the confidence of its citizens through adopting and implementing the right reforms.

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