About Lokman Slim’s family... A father who was a National Bloc member and exceptional women

The assassination of Lokman Slim shed light on three truly exceptional women who were introduced to the Lebanese, Arabs, and the world: his mother, his sister, and his wife.

With the pride of their grief, they reflected Lebanon's true reality based on the values of citizenship, respect for others who are different, dignity, self-esteem, tolerance...

These values were and will remain the values of this family. The father was the late MP, jurist, and lawyer Mohsen Slim, who was a member of the National Bloc alongside the party leader Raymond Eddé, and one of the most prominent advocates for human and women's rights and defenders of the state of law. 

The National Bloc will relentlessly and uncompromisingly stay faithful to this great national legacy and keep it alive, irrespective of the sacrifices.


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