“National Bloc” on Yesterday’s Manifestations: “Sectarian Parties” Have Humiliated Citizens and Violated Their Money

The “Lebanese National Bloc Party” considered that the most unusual aspect in yesterday's manifestations was the reaction of the “sectarian parties” to the slogans requesting the overthrowing of the mandate and order and demanding the most basic rights. All the political class denunciated the slogans and played the role of the victim before the citizens’ vital demands, as if the latters were launched by wealthy people who were looking for "entertainment" during the weekend; as if the political class deserves the “Nobel” Prize for governance, transparency and fight against corruption and waste.

In a statement, the Party considered reasonable the request of Minister of Interior and Municipalities Raya El Hassan, voice of the political class, asking protestors to avoid disorder, any trespass of properties and any abuse of people’s dignities; however, as they say “the most unjust of the two wrong doers is the initiator”. Didn’t the “sectarian parties” trespass, since three centuries, public money which is citizens’ money? Didn’t they deliberately humiliate them by their selectivity in public services, whereas the latters are a natural right of every citizen?

In a related context, the party drew attention to the disorientation among demonstrators, in addition to their small numbers, the chaos of slogans, the infiltration of hateful sectarianism, as well as tossing accusations; nonetheless, regardless of the attempts to throw off the main reason, it is clear that "sectarian parties" are destroying Lebanon.

Addressing some of the rioters who mingled within the manifestations in an attempt to neutralize them from their peaceful path and defeat the protest movement, pointing out that they are also miserable, the Party asked those who sent them: Does you guarantee that they will not turn against you one day, you who brought them and is keeping them in a state of poverty?

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